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If you're looking for a highly effective, time-tested, convenient way to lose weight ... stop smoking ... manage your alcohol intake ... or manage your stress levels ... you've come to the right place!

Since 1979 SelfHelpWorks health coaching courses have been the trusted choice of national health insurance companies ... leading corporations ... clinics and hospitals ... even branches of the government. SelfHelpWorks' powerful evidence-based health coaching courses are delivered online using a simulated ‘live’ format that creates a personalized coaching experience. As you progress through the video sessions your mind will make an amazing transformation. ‘Hidden’ self-defeating beliefs will be broken down … emotional dependencies and cravings will become a thing of the past … and your behavior patterns will change naturally, without the use of willpower, in just a few short weeks.


1. Rather than simply trying to change a person’s behaviors (i.e. the symptoms) by education or tips like other online coaching programs, the Structured Cognitive Behavioral Training process used by SelfHelpWorks is designed to address the root cause of the issue by changing the cognitive response to ‘trigger’ substances and situations, without the use of willpower. The result is genuine lasting behavior change accompanied by a shift in mindset, higher self-esteem and focus on quality of life rather than temporary comfort.

2. The use of video-based coaching sessions and other multimedia technologies, combined with intuitive course progression and engagement features, allows the SHW programs to be delivered digitally in a way that simulates live personal coaching and provides a highly engaging, transformational user experience. Just log on and click Start a Session ... the software will do the rest!

The SelfHelpWorks online coaching courses typically consist of the following: - A series of 20-35 minute high-definition videos split into short segments that deliver simulated live instruction by an expert, with animated supporting graphics to maximize user engagement and learning; - Interactive quizzes that engage the user and enhance memory recall; - PersonalCoach™—powerful proprietary software that monitors ongoing questionnaire responses and customizes course content delivered to each participant based on their specific needs at that point in time; - Practical assignments to transform ‘classroom’ learning into real-world application; - Automated email reminders and weekly email tips - Additional support such as optional reading materials; the ability to email questions to coaches; and SelfHelpWorks’ weekly call-in support group, RealTalkRadio™. You can access the courses 24/7 by simply going online when convenient, such as during lunch break at the office or in the privacy of your home. SelfHelpWorks courses are designed to give you permanent results … without the use of willpower. If you know how to watch videos online, you can succeed.

You have the ability, so visit us at to learn more ... select the course of your choice ... and get started now!

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2727 Camino Del Rio S #110
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